Smart technologies in service of your health!
Bracelet and mobile app designed to enhance your emotional well-being and stress resilience.


Studio Rebus develops connected technologies to address the effects of stress on brain, health, and performance. Our purpose is to increase people’s awareness about stress and stress-related health care issues and to provide them with adequate solutions.

We are creating high-quality software and wearable devices designed to support your health and well-being. We are committed, well-orchestrated team, with just right amounts of experience, creativity, and persistence.


Multiplatform stress management software, which is connected via Bluetooth to your body vitals tracking wearable device.


We provide you with nutrition, exercise and stress relief recommendations. Customized information in audio, video and text


Built in analytics and intelligence. These diagnostics will help you to identify and manage stress related isuess.

IOS app

Meridda iOS app enables it’s users to track their own stress level, providing them with customized actionable feedback.


Meridda uses advanced biometric sensing technology from wearable and machine learning algorithms to decode inputs from your body, mind and lifestyle.


Scientifically our technology is based on integration of biofeedback and other self -regulatory methods. Biofeedback  is a technique which helps you to reduce stress at will.


Numerical visualisation of what we've done

In our first two years, we’ve crossed thousands of miles in pursuit of our vision.  We’ ve participated at great events, talked to some awesome people, recorded hundreds of data material and created our prototype.

We have also been selected as one of the best 500 European, early stage startups by Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Pirate Summit, Startup Europe Awards, Pioneers of the Balkan and Balkan Venture Forum.



What spins our world

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Why is this concept unique?
Our multi-platform software solutions and wearable device Meridda are advanced, personalized programs for stress and emotion management. The relevant information will provide our clients with better insights into their health, and help them identify and manage stress related problems more efficiently. This will in overall result in our clients living healthier lives.


Feedback from our clients

This was a very insightful way of measuring my stress levels. The concept is very interesting and made me aware of certain aspects of my life, how stressed I am. In general, this could be a useful gadget, something to alert me about certain moments and make me change things which make me nervous.
Natasa Kuzmanic / Photographer
We are all aware to some point when we are stressed, but I usually ignore it. Especially when I have work deadlines, I usually drive myself to the end. I have to finish up my work on time and have materials ready. So, I sit in my office whole day until it's over. This bracelet and app informed me when I was on extreme, which encouraged me to take the necessary break. I finished my work on time, but sometimes we ignore our health in pursuit of our work goals which in long run is not well.
Luci Plosnic / Architect


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