Digital detox in few easy steps
July 11, 2017

Constantly checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, reading online news, checking, checking and some more checking. Sounds familiar?! Maybe you became tech addict without even realizing it. But no worries we have few tricks which can help you switch off instantly.


We live in the age of over-stimulation. We are constantly bombarded with so much information. Our minds are overwhelmed with a dozen things all the time.  This is seriously starting to affect people’s ability to relax. A recent study found that most people, check their smart phones at least every 15 minutes. Another one, found that many people suffer from so called“phantom vibrations” from messages that don’t exist. Some would even say that it’s a new drug. We’re getting hooked on tech without even noticing. Whatever might be a reason it’s important to know that your brain and eyes need a break. So you need to find a way to calm them down.


Digital detox strategy


Making Plans

Like in most situations in life if you wanna get things done you need a good plan. First step in your digital detox is making a good plan. This means plan with realistic and achievable goals. Decide when you are going to do your digital detox and simply go for it. Summer is perfect time because nearly everyone is on vacation. There isn’t the usual expectation that you will be available. So it’s the perfect opportunity for you to turn off your computer and smart phone.


Switch off!

For some people, going a few minutes without checking their smartphone or emails is very difficult. Their need is reflexive and habitual. If you are one of those, then the more casual approach is needed. Don’t go ‘’cold turkey’’ at once.
Basically, you need to learn to digitally detox in small steps. Start by proving to yourself that you can go 15 minutes. Over time, increase the length of time without checking Social media and emails (e.g., 30 minutes, 60 minutes, a couple of hours). All this until you get into a daily habit of being able to spend a few hours without the need to be online. Another option is switching off an email and social media. Disabling your push notifications, or simply turning off the volume  might also reduce the urge to constantly check devices.


Setting limits and boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is one of the most important things in life. The same thing is with technology. You need to set limits in order to get optimal results. Simply put your ‘out-of-office’ notification on for a few hours and do something more productive with your time.
Checking emails and texts can become an almost compulsive behavior and can be very hard to resists. In many cases, it’s because of ‘’fear of missing out’’ impression that an interesting or exciting event may be happening elsewhere online and you will miss it. This is of course not realistic, but it creates additional anxiety.

To avoid this, only check and respond to emails and texts at specific times of the day. For instance looking at emails just two times a day (8 am, 4 pm). Make use of auto-responders and let others know that you are not available all the time. Make sure there are clearly specified times when you go tech free. Consider even turning your phone off from 9 pm to 8 am.


Adequate replacement

To undergo digital detox for any length of time, an individual has to replace the activity with something that is as equally rewarding (whether it is physical, psychological, or spiritual). For instance when on vacation, you can engage in digitally incompatible activities. These are activities where it is difficult to access technology (e.g., jogging, swimming, meditation, outdoor walks in wi-fi free areas) and this will automatically decrease the amount of time spent in front of the screen. Also, you can catch up on some interesting books that you’ve always wanted to read or get some new interesting hobbies (kite surfing, photographing, hiking), etc.


Too many people fail to appreciate being in the moment and allowing themselves to resist the urge to log onto their laptops, mobiles, and tablets. There is no doubt that a break from tech stress can relax you, refresh you and allow you to reconnect with yourself and family. Try it!

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